What You Can Do To Help Challenged Children and Youth

Avoid pity and blame. Good energy is needed.
Communicate your admiration for the strength that challenged kids have had.
Communicate your faith that they will make out o.k. even though you donít know how.

Be friendly to the child and to the rest of the childís family. Give them all support and optimism. Do something to give them good energy so they can keep giving their child good energy. Treat them to something they like. Having a child who is suffering is very very difficult and takes a lot of energy.

Encourage families not to express their worry around the child or youth. Worry hurts self confidence and willingness to keep trying.

Purchase a copy of the book and give it to families who have a challenged child or youth. Perhaps a photocopy of appropriate pages could help.

Assist families in raising money for healing practices.

Donate money to practitioners of healing practices so they can work with challenged children whose families without funds. (We hope that the Growing Up Easier Foundation will soon be able to help families raise money for healing practices. It will soon be able to accept supportive donations. )

Purchase a copy of the book and give it to a local preacher, minister, priest, rabbi, mullah, teacher, childcare worker, family counselor, probation officer, judge, or recreation worker. These people know challenged children and youth and want to help but often do not have clear ideas of what to suggest to families.

Give a copy of the book to students studying education, childcare, recreation, law enforcement. They are the hope for the future.

If you pray, pray for a specific child and/or all children and youth who suffer and struggle. Prayer circles can help a great deal.

Search out and learn a Buddhist practice called Tonglen. Use it for specific children and youth or for all children and youth who experience any problem you are concerned about.

If you are a practitioner of a healing practice and do not yet work with children and youth, please get training on how to do so. Please set aside a few spaces each week to work with families who cannot yet reciprocate your energy.

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