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"The authors of Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier are leaders in their fields. Marie Mulligan, MD, a family physician with extensive experience with children, is also well versed in evidence-based therapeutics. Rick Geggie, M. Ed, is an expert in working with troubled children and youth from inner-city schools and communities, and is simply the most gifted educator that I know."

Joanne Sulman, Social Worker, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

"Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier is an incredible resource for parents needing to address mental, emotional, and physical problems with their children. As parents of three boys, we find this book refreshing. It presents a wide range of practices that vary from medical to spiritual approaches, addressing important behavioral concerns in children. This is the first time we have come across such a comprehensive book presenting the type of problems many parents face, along with the type of practices that can help us and our children heal in a wholesome manner. We look forward to using this as a resource in raising our children."

Kirah and Alejandro Caminos, Parents, Oakland, CA

"Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier is the resource that all of us working with youth should have at our fingertips! Thank you!"

Dr. Maura McIntyre, Adjunct Professor, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada

"As a medical practitioner and psychotherapist, I have seen numerous parents in distress about their children's difficulties. I've learned that there is not one single answer for any particular condition. Parents are the best judges of what may or may not work for their child and the more well-qualified approaches on which they are informed, the better."

Dan Perlitz, Psychotherapist, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier
is unlike any resource I've encountered in the past. Its a wonderful, unique and mind-opening find!"

Cheyenne Jones, mother and middle school teacher, Portland, Oregon

In this time, when medical care has become less of a personal thing, I will recommend this book as a valuable tool to parents."

Joel Alter, DO, F.A.C.O.S, Santa Rosa, California

"I will give this book to the parents of my students. Finally I can help my students with their challenges by giving their parents the support they need by referring them to Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier."

Sarah, Teacher, Sebastopol, California

"Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier is the book I wanted as a parent, step-parent, teacher, and principal."

Rick Geggie, Retired Principal, Grandparent, Sebastopol, California

"Healing Practices To Help Kids Grow Up Easier is an easy-to-read, well organized and valuable resource for parents. This material has helped my children raise my grandchildren. I only wish Id had it thirty years ago when I was raising my 3 kids."

Lilith Rogers, Grandparent, Monte Rio, California

"Just wanted to say that I love your book. It's great information and presented in a straight forward, user-friendly way. My child is older now and I wish this book had been around when she was little. You can't try something you've never heard of, know little about or can't find a practitioner. This is an excellent resource which I'll recommend to everyone. It's so supportive to parents and kids. It can be lonely and frustrating for a parent of a child who doesn't have a diagnosis or seem to "fit" somewhere. This book offers many ideas and practices that might help, might offer some direction and it certainly offers hope. Thank you so much. We wish you all the best."

Teresa Devine, Mother

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